Dinel's Quiet Winter's Arctic Gust "Gus"

DN23072908 Red White Markings AKC DNA#V653734

DM Carrier

Vwd Clear

EIC Clear

Fluff Clear

Ch. Honeyfox Yogi Bear

DL72396003 OFA48G Rd Wh Mkgs AKC DNA #V542555

CH Sandfox Celebration

DL60548701 Rd wh Markings AKCDNA#V300638


CH Fanfare's Golden Boy

Red and white
AKC D856575
HD-OFA: Fair


Sandfox Supra Audacious

Red and White

CH Honeyfox Candycane

Rd wh Markings

CH Honeyfox Starstruck
DL409454/01 09-93
Red & White

Larklains Starlight Nobel 

AKC DL36956105

CH Ercildoun Run With The Wind 

AKC D598235

Honeyfox Candy Kisses 

AKC DL45334101
HD-OFA: Good WCP-3402G53F

CH Foxtale's Jazz Dancer 

AKC D993008
HD-OFA: Fair WCP-1790F24M

Larklains Funtime N'Candy 

AKC DL36874603
Putnam Dazzling Surprise

DN10584102 RD Wh Mkgs

CH Honeyfox Secret Love
DL847795/02 11-01
Red White Markings
OFA24G AKC DNA #V187662
WB Honeyfox One O'Clock Rock
DL740979/01 11-00
Red White Markings
AKC DNA #V161987
Honeyfox Bell Ringer
DL671240/02 03-98
Red White Markings
Honeyfox Rock N Roll
DL620028/01 08-98
Red White Markings
Honeyfox Victoria's Secret
DL759674/02 06-00
Red White Markings
CH Llandians Simply Sweet
DL681524/01 06-98
Red White Markings
Honeyfox Tell Me No Secrets
DL697817/02 01-99
Red White Markings
CH Putnam Dazzling Splendor
DL754113/01 07-02
Black & Tan White Markings
CH Hallmarks Olympian
DL649627/02 01-98
Black & Tan White Markings
OFA25F AKC DNA #P24878
CH Aubrey Brookehaven Outlandsh
DL476527/04 06-95
Red White Markings
OFA24F AKC DNA #V55230
Hallmarks Snickers
DL519153/03 10-95
Black & Tan White Markings
CH Putnam's Tinker Bell
DL577755/01 11-98
Sable White Markings
CH Nebriowa Face Facts
DL395404/03 12-94
Red & White
AKC DNA #V98022
Putnam's Happy Go Lucky
DL409422/01 02-94
Red & White
Certain Creek Marfa

Sable with white Markings

DM Clear VWD Clear EIC Clear

Natural Bob

Bluemoon I'll Show You "Tex"

DN30183303 AKC  DNA#V725942

Red headed Tri color

Natural Bob

International Champion

Bluemoon Always Stealn' the Show


Red headed tri color

International Champion

Bluemoon Still of the Night

DN#02079401 AKC DNA#V353446

Red headed tri color

Pinelake Poseidon
DL711910/01 11-00 (United Kingdom Import)
Red White Markings
AKC DNA #V169911
Rosemeade's Tripledip Sundae (AKC Pointed, Champion Producing)
DL726118/03 11-00
Black & Tan White Markings
Bluemoon Buckles Boots N Spurs

DN11466801 Rd wh markings

Rosemead's Triton DL85208703 (03-02) SBL wh markings DNA#V320627
Rosemeade's Buttercup
Bluemoon Livin' La Vida Loca "Reba"


Red White Markings

CH Primrose Smooth Sailing
DL650001/01 06-98
Red White Markings
AKC DNA #V256479

#1 Top Pembroke Sire of ALL TIME (AKC)

CH M-Candol Sarsaparilla
DL505624/02 11-96
Red White Markings
Primrose Pleasing to See


Rd wh markings

CH M-Candol's Ricochet
DL509892/02 06-95
Black & Tan White Markings
AKC DNA #V181601
CH Primrose Pick Me Please
Dutch Girl lil Miss Lucy

DN43936701 Sbl wh markings

Certain Creek Buckeye Foster DN20769603 (06-09) Red wh White Markings AKC DNA#V567165 AKC/CAN/UKC Ch. LS Neildiamond OFA 32F, Elbows Clear, CERF, vWD Clear, Cardiac, Patella - Normal CH Coralie Coffee Royale
DL881261/09 01-04
Red White Markings
OFA30F AKC DNA #V240078 vWD Clear CERF
LS Dixiechick
DL773518/01 05-01
Red White Markings
Mistyridge Cal's Little Arrow
DN117368/06 06-08
Fawn White Markings
CH Larklain Cal's Timeless Appeal
DN030596/04 07-04
Red White Markings
AKC DNA #V349911
Bubbles One Tough Cookie CD RN
DL844911/01 11-01
Sable White Markings
Sw Lil Miss Zoe


Blk and Tan wh markings

J & J Ace


Blk & Tn Wh markings

DJW Kate

DN25155001 Sbl wh markings